Common Dental Problems in Children And How To Protect Against Them

Childhood is meant to be a joyous time filled with endless play, laughter, and growth. During these formative years, children are not only learning to navigate the world around them, but their bodies are also rapidly developing – their teeth being an integral part of this growth. At Preston Corners Pediatric Dentistry, we understand how essential it is to ensure your child’s dental health is taken care of right from the beginning.

Did you know that by the time your child blows out their first birthday candle, they should already have their first dental visit? Yes, that’s correct! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children make their first trip to a pediatric dentist as soon as their first tooth appears or no later than their first birthday. And there’s a good reason for this.

What Types Of Dental Problems Do We See In Children?

Children are susceptible to a host of dental problems that can significantly affect their overall health and well-being.

Cavities (Dental Caries)

Cavities are one of childhood’s most common chronic diseases. Left untreated, they can lead to pain, infection, and even problems with eating, speaking, and learning. Early childhood cavities are a serious public health problem, and regular dental visits can help catch these cavities early before they become a bigger issue.

Gum Disease / Gingivitis

Another common dental problem in children is gum disease or gingivitis. If not properly addressed, this can cause swollen and tender gums, bad breath, and even tooth loss. Our pediatric dentists will monitor the health of your child’s gums during regular check-ups, and advise on the best practices for gum care at home.

Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth and improper bite (known as malocclusion) is another concern. This can affect not only the appearance of a child’s smile but can also lead to difficulty in chewing and speaking. Orthodontic treatment, which may include braces or other devices, can correct these problems and set your child on a path towards a healthy and confident smile.

Regular Dental Visits Are Important

Our Cary, NC pediatric dental office addresses these common dental issues and educates parents and children about preventative measures. Regular dental check-ups are a perfect opportunity to instill good oral hygiene habits in your child. We teach children about the importance of brushing and flossing, the right technique to do it, and the impact of diet on dental health.

We understand that dental visits can sometimes be a source of anxiety for both children and parents. That’s why we strive to create a welcoming and relaxed environment with child-friendly decor and a compassionate, patient team led by Dr. Brooks & Dr. Chandak. Our goal is to make each visit as comfortable and positive as possible. We believe that this approach not only helps to alleviate any fear or anxiety but also fosters a positive attitude towards dental health that can last a lifetime.

Regular dental visits can safeguard your child from the common dental problems outlined above and ensure their oral health. However, the role of a pediatric dentist goes beyond treating problems. We are your partners in ensuring your child’s dental health and overall well-being. We equip you and your child with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain good oral hygiene habits at home, leading to a healthy and happy smile that lasts a lifetime.

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